That goddamn comic shop in “The Big Bang Theory”.

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the inconsistent(read non existent) updates. There is really no excuse, I would love to say I was bogged down, but the sad and utter truth of it all is that I had some personal things weighing upon my mind, but really I don’t think that qualifies as enough of a reason to not update these missives which I would love to believe are read with white knuckles and fraught with anticipation for the next syllable. But alas dear readers no more will you wait, no more will you ponder back alleys behind illicit comic shops to get your fix for diatribes. Hark! For I have returned and you will once more be able to read, nay sense all manner of palpable emotions that flow forth from my fingers to the keys and into your hearts. Much like Chris Brown, I promise baby, I won’t ever hurt you again. As John Cleese said, “And now for something completely different.”

The title of this piece would imply that I maybe take umbrage with a certain something in a certain sitcom, and I gotta tell ya you’re damn right I take umbrage with it. It fucking sucks, have you ever been in any comic shop worth your time that remotely resembled that hellhole? I know I haven’t my friends, no good comic shop is that depressing, that tame, that quiet and that filled with cardboard cutout misanthropes from decades old stereotypes. It shouldn’t piss me off that much, but by Mjolnir it does. That shop doesn’t even resemble one that a writer on the show might have walked past, it is a warning to the fanbase of The Big Bang Theory to never ever step foot in one lest they run into a bunch of socially retarded mutants who have never seen a girl. On a side note, how the fuck is that even a stereotype anymore? I see plenty of women of all ages in my local comic shop, and none of them have ever had to deal with sub-humans gawking at them. No my real problem with that show’s portrayal of comic shops is the simple fact that it does nothing but reinforce the negative stereotypes of “geek” stuff. One of the most infuriating of which was a recent episode where the gals of the show try some funny books, two get more normal fare, costumes and muscles and all that jazz, but alas one gets Fables issue #1. She later comments on it that there was little to read and it was nothing but male power fantasy and violence. As I watched the episode I let out an angry, animalistic AH HAH, as I could fully see the level of bullshit effortless writing the staff had done, had they even bothered to crack open that issue they would have seen that that is one wordy motherfucker, sure violent, and heavily sexualized but definitely not a simplistic power fantasy as they had posited. I will end this by saying I enjoy the show on occasion, like many of you out there I am a sucker for references and homages to the things I love, but damn man can the overpaid writers of one of the most derivative shows on tv not be bothered to do even a tiny amount of research, and for the love of all that is holy why can they not make the comic shop more vibrant, noisy, busy, fun, and all around seem like any good true comic shop. I am back my friends, full of piss and vinegar and the updates will definitely be at the very least weekly.